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We asked you: Which Avenger has the power to take down Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War?

Marvel fans have been patiently awaiting the arrival of  Avengers: Infinity War. The film finally opens at Cineplex theatres on April 27th, and it will feature almost...

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Who's who in Deadpool 2: we're breaking down the cast for you

Our favourite foul-mouthed mercenary Wade Wilson is back. Details about  Deadpool 2...

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Amy Schumer and Rory Scovel from I Feel Pretty play "would you rather"

It feels like a special occasion when an adult comedy tackles an important...

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From Ant-Man to War Machine: all the Marvel heroes you need to know for Avengers: Infinity War

It’s the ultimate superhero crossover film.  Avengers: Infinity War , the long-awaited culmination...

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