Anthony Rodriguez is a half Italian, half Puerto Rican teenager growing up on the streets of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn in the late 1980s. It's a racist neighborhood filled with bullies, big shots and social clubs. Anthony's mother was hard-working and nurturing, but he lost her at a very early age and was left with his abusive, alcoholic father. In spite of the odds, he struggles to uphold the morals his mother taught him and retain his dignity. As a young man, Anthony is taken under the wing of a local mob boss, Enzo, along with his boss, Gino, who helps him escape his demons through boxing. Enzo unites Anthony with a trainer, Eddie "Rocks" Trevor, who turns him into a contender. Anthony attains the nearly impossible goal of achieving a successful professional boxing career, and even fights his way to the top and becomes Middleweight champion. Love and loss, humiliation and retaliation all play major roles in his journey, but when he finally makes it to the top he realizes that the real fight has been outside the ring.


Paul Borghese


William DeMeo