Danny Trejo--you know the man. He has fierce tattoos and frequently plays the wicked thug in your favorite movies some of which include "Heat," "Conair," "Once Upon a Time In Mexico" as well as the "Spy Kids" movies. He's well established in Hollywood and progressively becoming a movie star in his own right. But behind the ink and the diabolical characters he plays on screen lies the captivating story of his troubled young life which included drug addiction, continual juvenile detention, armed robbery and eventually lead to ten years of prison time in some of California's most dangerous institutions. A story of fight and triumph, the documentary presents a one of a kind, intimate view into the life of Danny Trejo before he turned himself around and after. A chronicle of his life through raw and candid conversations about everything from trying and becoming addicted to heroin at age 12 courtesy of his uncle, who was his role model, to armed robbery, violence and time in prison, including an emotional return to his actual cell behind the gray walls of San Quentin State Prison.


Joe Eckardt


Cecily Gambrell