When Murali, a young lower middle class Indian, comes to America, he dreams of quick economic prosperity. As his immigration status is illegal, his first priority is to get a Green Card and become legal. But he finds reality setting in when he learns that the streets he thought were paved with gold, can be filled with racism and corruption. While he struggles to navigate his way through building a new life in his new 'homeland', Murali tries to keep up a facade of affluence and well-balance to his family in India. He has a host of colorful characters which cross his path: Omjeet, an idealistic immigration lawyer; Paresh, an Indian businessman with mysterious ways; Bharathi, a second-generation Indian American woman; Ram, a slippery, cheery survivor; Shobhu, the naïve follower; Patel, the quintessential taxi driver; and Gandhi, the idealist. The tale follows Murali as he learns about his own values and beliefs, as he struggles to survive in his newly adopted 'land of dreams'.


Bala Rajasekharuni