Seymour dreams of becoming a NBA star like the members of his beloved NY Knicks team. Mentally challenged, he lives with his over-protective mother Mona and her lover Joanne. Seymour's estranged father, Jack berates him about not being a man and Seymour's only escape is to watch and play basketball at the neighborhood court. When Mona is slain by a neighborhood thug, Seymour is shattered. The only witness to the murder, Seymour goes looking for revenge. As he roams the streets looking for the killer, Seymour's fragile emotional state continues to unravel. When Seymour finds a gun in the home of his best friend, Francis, it appears that he is destined to succumb to the code of the streets. He has become the King of the Jungle. Concerned for Seymour's safety, Jack goes in search of his son. When they meet at the neighborhood court, Seymour and Jack engage in a dramatic confrontation. At stake is Seymour's nascent manhood and, ultimately his life.


Seth Zvi Rosenfeld