Taking place on a Sunday afternoon in a residential neighborhood, Open House is an ensemble musical comedy about the one thing everyone has in common: the American dream of finding a home. We meet Barry - the eager-to-please real estate agent desperate to sell a house. There's Debbie and Joel - two "Sexy Swipers" who spend their Sundays making quick love in open houses and then stealing trinkets to put in the next house. Down-on-his-luck jewel thief Dave has a broken-down getaway car, so he pretends to be an endocrinlogist interested in buying a house. There's Ron and Gloria - a couple of adulterous cops trying to break a big case. And finally we meet Marjorie, a dispirited realtor with a penchant for younger men and tequila. This disparate group of strangers come together in the search for true love, a bag of jewels and the perfect two-story colonial.


Dan Mirvish