Claude Verneuil and his wife Marie, a couple from the catholic bourgeoisie living in Chinon, have four daughters: Isabelle, who is married to an Arab Muslim, Odile, who married a Sephardic Jew, Ségolène, married to an Asian, and Laure, single. The Verneuils, who nurture racial prejudices, are not very enthusiastic about the multi-ethnic side of their family. After unsuccessfully introducing Laure, the youngest, to a French-born man working in finance, she announces to them that she is already with someone whom she wishes to marry. Her parents meet Charles, the suitor who, while a Catholic, also happens to be black from the Ivory Coast! To make things even worse, the groom's father, a former officer of the army who is resentful about colonization, does not approve their marriage.


Romain Rojtman