Based on a true story, a drama about a spiritual awakening, revolving around Alex, the younger brother in a once close-knit family. Alex Waters has been sentenced for 25 years for rape: a crime which he insists that he did not commit. Alex's incarceration initially threatens to destroy him and his loved ones. Abandoned by his family to his fate, Alex fantasizes of escaping his cell and travelling on the trains that run past the prison walls. Faced with the possibility with spending his last days in prison, Alex has to overcome his guilt and shame to face his mental and physical demons. Weekly sessions with prison psychiatrist Dr. Coles, give Alex the courage to face his personal demons--fears that are increased with the encroaching effect of AIDS. Visits by family members and a childhood friend trigger the young man's attempts to find meaning in his troubled life, leading not only to his redemption, but to the enrichment of the lives of those around him.