Three teenagers, fresh out of high school and fearful of the impending draft lottery, experience a summer of life-changing experiences. On May 2, 1970, the teens find themselves caught up in the anti-Nixon upheaval at Kent State. Following a guerilla theater performance, they meet a young activist woman who takes refuge at their summer farmhouse, hoping to sidestep an FBI investigation triggered by the Kent shootings. Next door to their shared place, a young couple also struggle over war-related complications--she loses her high school teaching job and he launches a civil suit on behalf of the Kent victims, hoping to avoid the draft while trying to follow in the footsteps of Bobby Kennedy--all the while the draft lottery hovers over them. Confronted by the hypocrisy of the war and the complexities of the counter-culture, no one emerges unscathed. Choices are made, emotional boundaries are transgressed and innocence is lost.


Jay Craven