In the small town of Talmadgeville, Georgia, Davie Nance is recovering from another miscarriage. Unable to sleep, Davie spends her nights spying on her handsome new neighbor Clay, who, fresh off a failed marriage, has moved in with his grandfather across the street. Soon, Davie and Clay develop a friendship that threatens to jeopardize Davie's marriage to Paul and her standing in the small community. Meanwhile, Davie's free-spirited sister Lucy struggles with her own choice between her drug-dealing fiancee and the clean-cut Alex Grayson. Then, when Clay's grandfather dies unexpectedly, Clay reveals to Davie that his marriage broke up after his young daughter's death. Feeling their mutual grief drawing them closer, Davie is torn between her connection with Clay and her commitment to Paul. But the discovery of an abandoned baby boy puts everything in a new light.


Brett Levner