Tommy, an African-American TV writer, has always dreamed of putting on a show that represents African-Americans in a positive, realistic light. She gets a lucky break when she pitches a new idea to George, a rising African-American TV executive. George is young and hungry, too, and tells her he also wants to push for realistic TV shows about African-Americans. Under his guidance, Tommy's pilot is green-lit, and Tommy searches high and low for the right boy to portray the young lead. She unexpectedly finds him in James, a local hustler. The new series is an immediate hit. Behind the scenes, Tommy and George share their experiences as African-Americans working in television and soon their professional relationship turns into a personal one.<P>While riding the wave of success and a sweeping love affair, Tommy is challenged by the need to appease advertisers and the network. As the show begins to fall in the ratings, she finds herself compromising her artistic vision with stereotypical portrayals in an effort to avoid cancellation. When, despite her efforts, the television network pulls the plug, Tommy and George must return to the beginning and re-examine themselves and their relationship, both morally and ethically. The two are forced to face the difficult choices about the limits of personal and professional compromise. The values and sense of integrity that once united Tommy and George will ultimately decide their future.