Tonight, like every Saturday night, the guys, Brad, Jeremy, Ian and Derek will hook up together at their favorite chill spot, Don's Plum. And tonight's big challenge, as usual, is to "bring a chick." For Brad, this is easy. He already got with the girl of his choice, Sara, earlier that evening, and she's agreed to come along and meet his friends. Jeremy takes the adventurous route and brings along Amy, a girl he picks up hitching in the streets of Los Angeles. Ian doesn't have it so good at first as one chick after the next refuses his invitation, but then comes along Juliet, who surprises him by agreeing to come along and hang out with his friends. And Derek isn't having any luck. No matter how many girls he gets on the line, it looks like he's "just not getting any love tonight." So what happens when four guys and three girls gather at a cafe and meet a fourth unexpected girl? What goes down when they all cram into a booth in the middle of the night at a local diner? Just about anything!