Ray Pluto and Jerry Cubbins are New York City homicide detectives well endowed with comic possibilities. Recent events have led to Pluto being pegged as something of a wiseass. In truth, he hasn't been himself since the tragic death of his wife and child and finds solace by smoking a little hash and watching "Fitness Cheer," a bubbly exercise show with scantily clad cheerleaders. While Pluto is getting lunch one day, a vicious gunman bursts in and Pluto is presented with the perfect opportunity to regain some self-respect. But instead, Pluto's back goes into a spasm and he drops his gun, allowing six-year-old "little Ricky Kapinski" to save the day and become the media's newest obsession. Pluto becomes the joke of the police force and is put on restricted duty. Then his friend Juan is stabbed in a suspicious attempted robbery. Pluto decides to risk his career by doing his own investigation to solve the crime, to help his friend and perhaps, in the process, regain his own self-respect.


Tom DiCillo