The unexpected death of Bruce Lee, a worldwide phenomenon and established movie star, came at the zenith of his popularity. Having already shot scenes for his upcoming movie "Game of Death," studio heads decided to complete the film by launching a search for his replacement attracting hopefuls from all around the world. The exhaustive, worldwide search for that replacement is seen through the eyes of five somewhat unlikely yet, prime candidates. A wannabe b-movie actor who shares the same initials as the legend; a starry-eyed doctor; a traumatized refugee; a southern bumpkin with a penchant for chili fries and an Asian American activist of questionable ethnic origin--all vie to follow in the legend's sizable steps, but ultimately fight for something far removed from a career-making role. As the lengthy audition process intensifies and good-natured camaraderie gives way to backstabbing rivalry, the five subjects' eyes are opened as they learn that the scripted game pales in comparison to the real one.


Justin Lin