Jesse Sanchez is the "fugly" ghetto nerd from the Bronx in the 1970's, growing up in the shadow of his older, better-looking brother. When Jesse goes to college, he takes advantage of the ratio of 6 girls to every guy and undergoes a transformation. It's there he meets Lara, and learns to take command of the stage. As a college grad back in New York, during a spur of the moment local comedy night performance, Jesse is discovered by agent Stoddard who says she has found the next Latino sensation. Moments later he meets Zowie, a sexy actress and passionate lover in search of a man who will take her to the top of the industry. Later, with a rising film and television career, Jesse has newfound fame, money, and a strong social media following when he experiences a life-changing moment that allows him to reflect upon his career and the true love of his life.