A look at the New York fashion world as experienced through the eyes of Jocelyn, an overworked and underpaid young intern at Skirt, a trendy new style magazine. Poor Jocelyn must endure models' tantrums, lecherous photographers, and bulimic editors, while also seeking romance and a paid position. Betwixt the tales of fashion icons and egos, a love triangle blossoms in the office between Jocelyn, the art director Paul and his babe, the Supermodel of the moment, Resin. In a world where long legs are currency, make-up "artists" wield power, and stylists weep at runway shows, it seems impossible for a smart, pretty, well-read girl to get the guy over the swimsuit goddess. However, Jocelyn's ability to capture the spy that threatens to destroy Skirt's control over the fashion world proves that there's more to life than a hot set of stems.


Michael Lange