For over 50 years, writer Joan Didion has been our premier chronicler of the ebb and flow of America's cultural and political tides with observations on her personal - and our own - upheavals, downturns, life changes, and states of mind. In this documentary, actor and director Griffin Dunne unearths archival footage and talks at length to his "Aunt Joan" about the eras she covered and her eventful. Highlights include partying with Janis Joplin in L.A., hanging in a recording studio with Jim Morrison and cooking dinner for one of Charles Manson's women. Didion describes New York's literati scene in the 1950s and early '60s when she wrote for Vogue, her return home to California for two turbulent decades, the writing of her seminal books and her film scripts. She also give her views of 1980s and '90s political personalities, and the meeting of minds that was her long marriage to writer John Gregory Dunne.


Griffin Dunne