In a dusty backwater of Australia in the 1960s, Lola, a Spanish woman, stands out as exotic and foreign. But her husband, Ricardo, has had enough of her tempestuous ways. He heads for calmer waters with his all-Australian mistress, Wendy, and the family savings. Lola and her adolescent daughter, Lucia are left with a goat, a flock of pigeons and one very empty refrigerator. The feisty Lola struggles on, but boy, is she angry - and plenty of that temper lands on Lucia, who like any good daughter adores her father and misses him terribly. When Lola's eccentric sister arrives, Lucia has a taste of what family life could be, but it's all too brief. Lola's passionate lust for revenge, fuelled in part by Ricardo's purchase of a shiny new automobile (not to mention blonde Wendy cruising by at the wheel), is driving a wedge between mother and daughter. Lola's procession of lovers widens the rift, especially when the oh-so-sexy Stefano seems just as interested in Lucia as her mother.


Steve Jacobs