Establishes a new narrative structure through the unification of several stories about love--or lack thereof. Tells the story of people and their quest for love, but instead they are confronted with madness, obsession, and the fear of being alone. In the first story, a ten-year-old boy named Ismaelito discovers love for the first time. This glorious sensation is set against the backdrop of Ismaelito's grandmother's funeral, where Ismaelito falls in love with his cousin and where Lourdes (Ismaelito's mother) discovers that her husband is unfaithful to her. The second story follows an obsessive lover that takes a passenger bus hostage in the hopes of forcing the driver he has long obsessed over to marry him. When confronted by the police chaos erupts and the situation soon turns into a media spectacle. In the third story a divorced, elderly couple has been coexisting for 28 years. Although legally separated, they remain together in the same house due to their fears of being alone. One day the couple receives an unexpected visit from an elderly man who they invite to stay with them for a few days. A love triangle ensues and both males begin to behave like youngsters in a pitched battle for the love of the old woman. The fear of solitude ignites malice in them, causing them to take absurd actions that are dangerous to the heart.