In 1943 West Virginia, Maggie Gresham lives with her two children and her abusive, cheating husband Pink who is the foreman of the local mill. When a drifter named Baston comes into town and asks Pink for a job, Pink insults and rejects him. The following day, Maggie finds Pink's body at their isolated house in the forest. Soon after, Baston arrives at Maggie's door pretending to be looking for Pink, but then holds her at gunpoint, telling her how he killed her husband with an axe. After Maggie has been trapped in the house with Baston for several days, he explains that he murdered Pink because he learned that he had had an affair with his wife and killed their two children. As they talk, Maggie and Baston become romantically drawn to each other, but their relationship comes to a tragic end.


Michael Rauch