Martine, an artist from New York, arrives in Los Angeles to work on her film. She is staying with friends of a friend, Julie, her husband Peter, Julie's teenage daughter Kolt, and their young son. From the day Martine walks into the lives of this open-minded, relaxed family, everything is subtly set off balance. Peter is helping Martine complete the sound design on her film, and they collaborate closely, working in the studio off the pool house where Martine is staying. They develop a connection - one that is rare for Peter and necessary for Martine to finish her movie - that begins to veer away from professional terrain. Meanwhile, Julie, a therapist who prides herself on being professional and together, is fending off the projective impulses of one of her patients, a screenwriter who can talk his way into anything. Each of them experiences a surge of desire catalyzed by Martine's arrival, and everyone is forced to confront the new landscape that emerges in her wake.