Years ago on a calm, dark knight, Dwayne Hopper's life was shattered, when his young son Kyle was abducted from his bedroom and disappeared without a trace. Kyle was the final victim in a string of fourteen local disappearances. Dwayne, his wife Janine and daughter Daisy were forced to abandon hope their son would one day be found. 10 years later Dwayne remains on the police force, but his family life has crumbled around him. Janine has lost faith in her husband just as Daisy has lost faith in her parents. One fateful night, Dwayne's suspicions are aroused when he notices striking similarities between a current inmate, Perkins, and the purported culprit behind the abductions. Upon investigation, Dwayne discovers proof of Perkins' guilt during a tense search of the suspect's basement.


Craig Singer