Former high school hotshot and college town legend, thirty-something Matt is now the world's oldest pizza delivery boy, filling his time with meaningless relationships and political activism that leads nowhere. Matt can't commit to anything but pizza, for which he holds an almost mystical devotion. "Pizza is my buffalo," Matt explains. "The Sioux had The Buffalo; I have Pizza. It provides for all needs." Cara-Ethyl is a cute, chubby, eccentric brainiac with two personalities to match her bifurcated name. Her high school years have been a bit torturous. When making a delivery to Cara-Ethyl's house, Matt discovers that she is the only guest at her own 18th birthday party. Touched, and sensing a kindred spirit, Matt invites Cara-Ethyl to join him in his truck as he makes his rounds. During their long night together, these mismatched misfits reveal themselves to each other in a series of comic adventures that teach them how to separate life's winners and losers--the wheat from the chaff--the cheese from the crust.