When a group of college friends re-unite four years after graduation, anything can and will happen. Meet Elise and Michael, the perfect couple who have been dating seemingly forever. Unlike most young couples, they have everything one can wish for--a beautiful house, an upcoming wedding and a crew of close friends, all coming into Los Angeles for the weekend nuptials. As they each arrive at the house, the joyous reunion quickly turns into awkward meetings that bring up both sweet and painful memories. Like any group of friends, this crew is an array of characters that stretch across the boards. Rich and Samantha are the best man and maid of honor who are also toying with taking the next step towards the altar. Lana is a neurotic actress with an unstable love life. When all the men she's ever slept with, the forlorn Pockets, children's show host Donovan, and drunken actor Simon, all show up for the wedding, chaos ensues. Rounding out the group are Quentin, an agent who falls hard for the bride's sister, Jennifer, the bride's former roommate with a secret, Franklin, the definition of Hollywood director, and Jonathan, the groom's long lost father, attempting to re-enter his son's life.