Anthony Verdi is a young man caught between his dream of being a full-time musician and the conventional life of his security-minded father and long-time fiancé. But Anthony has the encouragement of several important people around him. There is Bill Verdi, his loving great-uncle, who is determined that Anthony will not meet with the same fate as his musician brother, Anthony's grandfather whom he never knew. Anthony's outrageous bass-playing roommate knows first-hand the joys and satisfactions of a musician's life. The head of his great-uncle's nursing home recognizes Anthony's talent and leads him to an important break. First and foremost there is Christine, the beautiful older woman he meets in an out-of-this-world forties night club he chances upon, who teaches him to swing dance. From her he also learns that swing is a metaphor for life and that, only if he follows his heart and starts being who he truly is, can real happiness be his. Along this journey of self-discovery, which includes confronting his father's expectations and coming to the realization that he and his fiancé no longer share a common future, a young woman named Tina keeps reappearing, a sure sign that Anthony is heading in the right direction.


Martin Guigui


Mary Keil