Alex, Antoine, Jeff and Manu: four modern guys, both stable and immature, at a turning point in their adult lives. They've been friends for 25 years, ever since they played for the same soccer team in the Paris suburbs. They see each other regularly. They talk, argue and laugh together. From humble origins, they have achieved success in their respective fields. Alex and Jeff founded a number of popular sports magazines. Antoine is a gym teacher in a top-ranking Paris high school. Manu runs one of the most frequented butcher shops in town. One spring, a series of major events rocks their world: the death of a father, a wife's infidelity, a daughter's wedding. Confronted by situations out of their control, they come even closer together, share confidences, listen, support, fight and question themselves and each other. Their relationships with women are at the heart of all their problems, conversations and conflicts. They thought that their equilibrium was based on their professional success and happiness as fathers. They discover that love is even more indispensable to the fulfilment of their lives.


Marc Esposito


Pierre Javaux