When Augie wins his small town's golf championship by 15 shots, breaking his own course record, Southern gambler Riverboat and his bejeweled wife Jessie, who are driving to Las Vegas, hear about him on local radio. They turn off the highway to convince Augie to abandon his dreams of qualifying for the US Open and come play for Riverboat in high-stake gambling matches. Augie's girlfriend Natalie is furious to see him abandon his dreams and compromise his integrity, but he continues to use his talent to win higher stakes matches until they're finally run out of town and head for Las Vegas. There, Augie finds himself winning against notorious Vegas gambler Jimmy Diamonds until Jimmy tells him to lose the next day's million dollar match or end up at the bottom of a swimming pool. Fearing for his life, Augie attempts to escape but is discovered by a very angry Riverboat who threatens him with a similar fate.


Terry Jastrow