Set in Serbia between the years 1991-1996 during a period of moral and material disaster, a tale which follows the exploits of Pinki and Kraut, two teenagers growing up during the Balkan war. In 1991, as Serbian nationalism grows around them, they are more interested in directing their energies to small time crime and sex--the world of the underground. They hang out with Dickie, a drug dealer who introduces them to easy money, cars and girls. At first, they have a whale of a time, but as time passes events get darker. By 1993, they are heavily into drugs, as Serbia goes through its worst moments of international shame, and by 1996 they are addicts and killers. Their friendship cannot take the pressure, which fails under the psychological scars inflicted by the war on their whole generation. Although they achieve their "gangster" ambitions, Their rise in the world of crime is cut short by a violent argument between them.