Thanksgiving is celebrated by four families of different ethnic and economic backgrounds in contemporary Los Angeles. Flowing from table to table, kitchen to kitchen, each family cooks their meals and prepares for guests amidst swirling family tensions in the households of... Ronald, a spin doctor for a conservative governor, who heads the Williams, a seemingly picture-perfect American family. Anthony Avila is determined to have the whole family together for a traditional dinner even though his philandering Dad has left his mom, Elizabeth, who has begun a romance of her own. Ruth and Herb Seelig are struggling to cope with the fact that their daughter Rachel is a lesbian, home for the holidays with her "roommate" Carla. Ever since Trinh Nguyen made America her home, she feels like she's losing her kids. But finding condoms in her daughter Jenny's jacket is the least of her worries... The families all contend with similar household issues as the prepare for the onslaught of family and friends.