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Deadpool tops our list of films to watch at home in May

As much as we love going to the theatres, it's always fun to catch up on what we missed while in the comfort of our home, snuggled up in a blanket and sometimes giving our own audio commentary.

This month sees some super buzzed-about titles at the Cineplex Store. New classics like The Witch and Deadpool are ones you may want to watch over and over again. Also, the Channing Tatum sequence in Hail, Caesar! has us replaying maybe a bit too often.

Check out five titles you can buy or rent from the Cineplex Store this month!

5. The Witch

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One of the most buzzed about horror films in years, The Witch deserves all of its high praise. Taking place in the 1630s (we couldn't fathom a scarier time period), The Witch follows a family that is slowly torn apart due to witchcraft, black magic and possession. The film features a cast of newcomers, making the overall vibe that much more believable and eerie. You may want to watch this film with a light on.


4. 10 Cloverfield Lane

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Buy: available May 31st, 2016 
Rent: available June 14th, 2016 

The surprise "sequel" to Cloverfield was actually a super intense captive drama, thematically similar to its predecessor, but with a deeper layer of character and suspense. John Goodman's performance in this film is one for the books. He is so unpredictable, and you'll never know whether or not you can trust him. Mary Elizabeth Winstead proves why she ought to be a full-blown movie star by now, and John Gallagher Jr. adds so much heart and humanity. 10 Cloverfield Lane may be a thriller of epic proportions, but it succeeds best in its quiet moments.


3. Hail, Caesar!

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Rent: Available June 7th, 2016

The Coen Brothers paid tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood with their extremely fun and hilarious throwback film, Hail, Caesar! Filled with musical numbers, both visually stunning and highly entertaining (Channing Tatum's sailor dance is reason enough to watch the movie), a kidnap subplot, and a stand-out performance from the only newcomer in the cast, Alden Ehrenreich, Hail, Caesar! offers tons of nostalgia and is the Coens at their best.



2. Kung Fu Panda 3

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Rent: available June 28th, 2016

Po is back, and this time he's reunited with his long last family. Filled with hilarious new panda characters, and with that includes new voices such as Bryan Cranston as Po's father, Li. Po's journey continues to be inspirational, hilarious and relatable. We can't ever get enough of our favourite kung-fu fighting panda!



1. Deadpool

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This was Ryan Reynolds' second go-around at being a superhero and he NAILED IT. Deadpool may be your standard superhero origin story, but its self-awareness and R-Rated humour sets it apart. Deadpool set a new precedent in terms of superhero films, and while maybe we don't want ten new films trying to be that original Deadpool-level of awesomeness, we're happy to watch this one again and again. And again.

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