Kelly Clarkson on celebrating the beauty of imperfection in her new film, UglyDolls

Kelly Clarkson on celebrating the beauty of imperfection in her new film, UglyDolls

The singer tells us how she relates to her character, Moxy, and why we should never give up on our dreams.


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May 3, 2019

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Singer Kelly Clarkson has sold 25 million albums worldwide, but she has now put her pipes to use voicing Moxy in the animated feature UglyDolls. Cheerful Moxy leads a group of misshapen dolls out of Uglyville to the town of Perfection, where all dolls must be flawless so they can find a child to love them.

That’s also the dream for Moxy and her friends, who are judged harshly for their imperfections. We spoke with Clarkson on the phone from her home in Nashville, where she was relaxing in bed after a long night of prepping for her upcoming tour.

Describe Moxy — who is she?

“Man, she is just hope in a bottle. She’s kind of the cheerleader of the whole Uglyville camp and is so optimistic, working toward something that everybody else has let go of and thinks is a hopeless dream.”

Do you see something of yourself in Moxy?

“Yeah, she kind of reminds me of me when I was a kid. I grew up in a very small town with very humble beginnings. I had a dream of singing one day, but people around me were like, ‘That’s a pipe dream.’ But for me it was real — it was totally attainable — and so she represents this never-ending hope that it could happen.”

Have your kids seen the movie?

“They have seen the trailer. They haven’t [seen the movie]. I haven’t even seen the movie! Literally the first time I saw the trailer was on Ellen.”

What do they think of your work?

“Well, our two youngest are still figuring it out. My daughter was just at my show last weekend, and she is just now putting it together because she’s almost five, [that what Mommy does] maybe isn’t a normal thing. She’s been telling me for two years that she wants to be on stage and sing.”

Did you enjoy doing voice-over work? It can be physically tiring.

“I mean, if you know me at all, I’m very physical in general, just my mannerisms, so it wasn’t a stretch for me to be physical in the studio. I do that with singing as well. I get really into it when I’m in the studio. But it was just fun — it was a different avenue of creativity I really haven’t been able to explore.”

Like anyone in the spotlight, you must relate to the film’s message that we shouldn’t judge people on how they look or what they wear.

“Yeah, in society, and especially in this industry, it’s just so driven by aesthetics. I’m not against aesthetics. I get it — I love beauty, I love art — but at the same time, this movie is just a reminder that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know that sounds really silly, but whatever is perfect for one person may not be for someone else. The movie is a celebration of someone that maybe stands out in a different way.”

UglyDolls is a great pick for fans of Trolls, Happy Feet, and The Angry Birds Movie.

UglyDolls will remind you to love yourself.

A movie that’s all about self-love and celebrating what makes each of us different, it has the kind of message many of us need to remember. See UglyDolls with someone you love and share this inspiring story.

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