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The Boys are Back: Colm Feore and Patrick Huard talk Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

If you’ve seen the highest-grossing movie in Canadian history, 2006’s bilingual comedy Bon Cop Bad Cop, chances are you live in Quebec where the film earned more than $11-million of its $12.5-million domestic take, and where Canadian films do much better than they do in the rest of the country.

As the film’s sequel, Bon Cop Bad Cop 2, hits theatres this month, star Colm Feore makes an impassioned case for Anglo-Canadians to jump on board.

“What many Canadians don’t understand is that they’ve already paid for this movie, they’ve already bought a ticket,” Feore argues enthusiastically over the phone from Montreal where he and his Bon Cop co-star, and the film’s writer, Patrick Huard just finished lunch at Wilensky’s deli. Salami sandwiches, of course.

“I encourage people to think of the actual ticket price when they enter a cinema as merely a handling fee, a processing fee, because the real money was spent to make the movie, and that was yours too,” he says, referring to your tax dollars.

The sequel sees Feore’s character, Martin Ward, an OPP officer in the first film, now with the RCMP, reunited with his reluctant partner, Sûreté de Québec detective David Bouchard (Huard). Where in the first film the bickering, bilingual pair had to solve the murder of a man whose body was found draped over a sign at the Ontario-Quebec border, this time they’re on the case of a car-theft ring with links to terrorism in the U.S. And instead of coming from the Anglo/Franco divide, now the humour is rooted in American/Canadian differences.

“I made some changes to the script about two years ago,” explains Huard in a separate interview. “A few months later Trump showed up and won. Let’s say it works a lot with the movie. It is either a coincidence or we are great visionaries.”

Tax dollars aside, the real reason Feore hopes Canadians from across the country will see the film is that it’s about us.

“It will tell you things about yourselves in a way that no American film can,” says the actor who often appears in big American movies and TV shows, including as Vice Presidential candidate General Brockhart on the Netflix series House of Cards.

“It’s universality comes from being shot on the streets of Montreal, covered with orange cones for construction, with all of the dissonance that happens when you’re trying to understand people in various different languages, various accents and you’re just struggling to make it through your day, and you think, ‘This is how we live here.’”

Marni Weisz

With files from Martin Grenier

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 hits theatres May 12th! For tickets and showtimes click here

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