Get set for awards season

The year’s best movie moments you need to see before Oscar night. Plus, a rundown of wins to date, nominations, predictions and more.

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Magic casting

Here's why Sir Patrick Stewart is the perfect pick to play Merlin in The King Who Would Be King.

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The secrets of Shyamalan

What gives an M Night. Shyamalan film its characteristic flair? Five style essentials in all his films, including his latest thriller Glass.

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Kidman chameleon

Breaking down the many faces of Nicole Kidman who is almost unrecognizable in her latest, Destroyer.

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Funny shoes to fill

John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan reveal why playing comedy legends Laurel and Hardy was both wonderful and intimidating in Stan & Ollie.

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A heart-warming dog tale

Ready to get warm and fuzzy with A Dog's Way Home? We delve into the reasons dog movies give us all the feels.

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A remake with Hart

Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston tell us about their characters' unexpected and moving friendship in The Upside.

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Emily Blunt's dream role

The charming actress explains why being offered the role of Mary Poppins felt like a marriage proposal.

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An underwater paradise

The biggest attraction in Aquaman isn't Jason Momoa, it's the stunning world of Atlantis (although he's a close second).

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Not your average period piece

Don't let the frilly costumes fool you, The Favourite redefines a genre with humour, quirks and some moments that might shock your mom.

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