Reeves gets ripped

The John Wick star pumps us up for his return to the role and its epic action choreography.

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Love and fate

The leads of The Sun Is Also a Star speak about the challenges of falling in love in our current culture.

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Beloved voice of a nation

Here’s how Ryan Reynolds brings his trademark (and distinctly Canadian) humour to Detective Pikachu.

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Ready, set, endgame

Check out this supersized collection of MCU interviews, past highlights and more.

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Opposites attract

Think it's a Long Shot that Rogen and Theron would have chemistry? Here's why it works.

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The thrill of the heist

The heist genre just got even cooler and funnier thanks to Hathaway and Wilson in The Hustle.

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A legendary curse

La Llorona has been haunting the dreams of Mexican children for generations — find out why!

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Meet Little star Marsai Martin, a 14-year-old actress who’s taking charge both on and off screen.

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Secrets of Shazam!

Join us on the Toronto set of Shazam! for a behind-the-scenes look at DC’s latest superhero.

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Perfectly imperfect

UglyDolls star Kelly Clarkson inspires us with how her character dares to be different.

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